Rental Return Policy

when to come back

One time reservation tenant? You can find your return date on your confirmation email. If it falls on a Sunday, you will have until noon on Monday to return your items.

how to return

pack your suitcase

Put your rentals in the garment bag they arrived in and make sure all accessories and bags are back in their dust bags or boxes.

If you can, return the items with the hangers and plastic bags they came with. We'll take them off your hands and make sure they're recycled properly. A win-win.

Sometimes, shipments may arrive in a plastic bag or cardboard box, which you can also use for returns.

zip it up and send it

Remove the shipping label from the plastic bag on the outside of the garment bag. Replace it with the prepaid return label from the inside pocket of the bag.

Fold the bag, tuck the handles in and close the zipper.

If your rentals came in a plastic bag or cardboard box, tape the shipping label to the outside and ship it.