How long will it take for your purchase to arrive?


When a customer buys in the THANNAC online store, her order will be sent within a maximum period of 2/3 days, not counting Saturday and Sunday, when transport does not work. If the destination is any city on the Peninsula, the delivery will take place in 2 days from the time the order is placed. Orders placed after 3:00 p.m. on Friday and until 12:00 p.m. on Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

Shipping is free for purchases of more than €39. If your total purchase is less than €39, the transport cost is €2.99, which will be charged at the end, on the payment screen, when the order is totaled and It is checked if it reaches €39.

At THANNAC we are dedicated to ensuring that purchases are received by customers in the shortest possible time. It is our commitment. The fact that the transport is free does not mean that it is of poor quality, or that it does not go directly to the customer's home. SHIPPING IS FREE for minimum purchases of €39 and will be sent with a 2/3 day service by MRW, GLS or CORREOS EXPRESS, from door to door. It is our commitment.

If for any reason we could not meet the delivery date, we will inform the client of this circumstance so that they always know what situation their shipment is in.

Once we deliver the package to the transport company, it will immediately send the client an SMS with all the information of her package and the tracking number, so that she can have timely information on where her shipment is.

For the purposes of these Conditions, it will be understood that the "delivery" of your purchase has occurred, at the time of receipt of the same at the agreed delivery address, which is recorded on the delivery note of the transport company.

A few items may need three days to be shipped, due to the type of fabric, and this is always indicated in the product description, so that the customer knows it from the first moment.


PENINSULA FREE SHIPPING for all purchases. The order will be sent in the peninsula by the carriers MRW, GLS or CORREOS with a delivery service of 2/3 days for cities and for the rest of towns. When the destination is very isolated populations, which do not have daily transport distribution, the delivery time may be 3/4 days.

BALEARIC ISLANDS, CEUTA AND MELILLA All shipments will have a supplement of €3, and the delivery time is 3 working days.

CANARY ISLANDS the shipping cost will be €10 with a minimum purchase of €100 and the delivery time ranges from 2/5 working days.

EUROPEAN COMMUNITY Minimum orders of €169 and the shipping cost will be €15 the delivery time varies depending on the country with a maximum of 6 days

OTHER COUNTRIES Minimum orders of €160, the shipping cost will be €35 and the delivery time will be 10-15 days, although it will depend on the specific continent and country. Please consult us at info@thannac, and we will use the easiest and safest shipping method, and we will give you the delivery date of your purchase. We ship through the best transport companies. THANNAC is not responsible for the customs expenses of the country of destination.



If the product or products received are not to the customer's liking, and they want to return it/s, they can do so. The client must write a WhatsApp to 658604642 or email to info@requesting the return, and must pack it indicating on the outside:


Avda de Alfonso XIII, 75 28016 Madrid - SPAIN

indicating your name, mobile number, and order number on the package return address. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO INCLUDE THE INVOICE, since it is always available on this website and you can consult and print it at any time. THANNAC will send to pick it up.

The product must be returned in perfect condition and with its original labeling, within 14 days of receipt.

If the client has any questions, she can contact us through our email or by WhatsApp number +34658604642.

As soon as THANNAC receives the returned product(s), we will verify it and immediately pay the customer the amount thereof, in the form in which they paid for their purchase. It is a simple and safe process. If the purchase consists of several items, you can return the one you don't like and keep the one(s) you want.

The return of those products that are not in the same conditions in which they were received, or that have been used beyond the mere opening of the product, will not proceed.

NO RETURN OF CEREMONY OR PARTY ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED, EXCEPT WITHIN 24 hours after receipt, which will take place on a Wednesday so that the return can be made on Thursday. The customer must write to THANNAC at within 24 hours of receiving it, requesting the collection, at THANNAC we will take care of collecting it and paying for the purchase.

THE ACCESSORIES AND COMPLEMENTS do not admit changes either. This detail is duly indicated in the product description.


It is a fashion proposal, based on the experience of more than twenty years dedicated to creating collections and trends. Fashion is a tool that can inspire self-confidence both internally and externally. Each of our products is carefully designed to suit your mood, your way of thinking and your aesthetic, while representing the best trends, unapologetic and admiration for quality craftsmanship. Just like your personality and your smile, clothing and accessories help you stylishly complete the story of who you are and what best version of yourself you present to the world every day.

What we choose at THANNAC from the catwalks

At THANNAC we think that fashion and life have changed. The catwalk of the iconic brands, and the emerging ones, in cities like PARIS, MILAN, LONDON and NEW YORK, no longer present fashion for life, but creations of artists who express, as in painting, architecture, music, their way of seeing fashion. But it's experimental. This year, 2023, we have seen on the catwalks more than designs, costumes and works of art in almost the same proportion, and almost all of them impossible to adapt to daily life, but it must be that way. Fashion and accessory brands like THANNAC must extract from the catwalk the best inspiration to bring to real life, everything that enhances women, that adapts to their life, that expresses their way of being, their age with that she looks like, and all of this at affordable prices, and with great respect for the entire production chain and always with the aim of helping clients with their styling.

What's new THANNAC brings you

At THANNAC we do not want to dress MODELS, BUT real women and we strive to look for new models that rescue the best of traditional designs, and the newest of what is presented on the catwalks, in fabrics that respect the skin, but that collect new technologies that make washing and ironing easy to integrate into clients' lives. We want to provide style to each client, we want them to feel confident when they dress, we want them to look attractive, and knowing that a well-kept and attractive image is their best business card.


We wanted to create our own ethos in fashion. Something that suits my mood, but also provides a timeless look that everyone can rely on in a pinch. It is a collection that reflects my dressing routine focused on elevating the essential. My approach is to try to find a way to innovate in clothing and with models that work not only for a specific woman, but also for the many diverse women that make up our global community. We all have different body structures, and lead different types of lives. Dressing in accordance with the activity you have, projects you above all, knowing how to dress at every age, is having control of what your image expresses, which is something that speaks about you before you can speak, and is the trail you leave. when you leave. STYLE IS NOT SOMETHING YOU HAVE BY BIRTH, and all you have to do is look at the late Queen Elizabeth II, who never had a good image but was consistent with her position and certainly created her own style adapted to her anatomy and range. STYLE is learned, incorporated into life and controlled, especially once one is aware, beginning in adolescence, of the importance that the image, mostly made up of the clothes and accessories you wear, has.